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Buna ziua!

Hello everyone! My name is Denis and I am a volunteer at Nevo Parudimos, Resita city, Romania. It’s been a month since I got here, so it’s about time I did a post. Well, where to start… upon coming here, I was greeted by my flatmates, my coordinator, and another worker from Nevo. The first impression I got completely stuck with me. Everybody was really friendly and welcoming, something that did not change at all during this month. Accomodation-wise, things are pretty chill. I share a flat with 4 other volunteers, with all the utilitiesn paid. All we need to provide for ourselves is food, of course, and the weekly food money more than makes up for it. Now to the meat of the subject, the activities. Unfortunately, as I got here during the summer, half of the places where the activities take place are closed due to the summer break. So far, I’ve been to the local kindergarten, Mociur(a school where a kind of summer classes are being held) and the local orphanage. It was a bit tricky at first, since I don’t speak Romanian (YET!), but I’ve quickly gotten the hang of it and now I do the activities with gusto. More on that in my next post, so stay tuned!
Next off, let’s talk about free time… For a small town, Resita has a decent amount of content to offer, I’d say. Also, lucky for me, there was a rock festival called “Custom” going on here the first week I came and we got the chance to volunteer there and see the concert for free. It was loads of fun. Festival aside, there is this nice little bar you can go to, which plays nice music. It’s called “Racing” and the beers there are only 1.27 euro, so I definitely recommend it! If you’re more of a type to enjoy the outdoors, Resita is definitely the place for you. Surrounded by forest and hills, not to mention 5 lakes in the vicinity, which are a perfect way to cool off during summer. Anyway, long story short, I’m loving it here so far and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Till my next, more elaborate post, bye! Or as they say here in Romania, pa!


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